Car-Spotting in Macau Day 3 & 4

One final day in Macau. It was an amazing trip with a number of interesting cars to boot. If you are interested to see Day 1 and 2, click on the links. I decide to combine these final two days in together into one blog since I had to catch my flight in the morning. Nevertheless, the final days were spent around Taipa and Cotai. The latter of which is newly reclaimed land.


The first destination I went to was Rua do Cunha which is a short walk from my hotel. Along the way, I spotted this white Daihatsu Move and alongside it is an Audi A4. The parking lot in the featured image is taken near the street.


Located near the entrance of Rua do Cunha is this Volvo C30. I do not see any Volvos in the past few days when I was in Macau so seeing this interesting Swede hatchback is like seeing a rare animal in the flesh.


This red first-gen Toyota Echo/Yaris was spotted near an elementary school. Remember how small it looked?


Turns out Cotai Strip is quite near to Rua do Cunha. Time to see some expensive cars then. But this was the first one I spotted near the entrance that faces The Venetian. A Jeep Wrangler with an orange camouflage paint job. A sign of more interesting cars to come?

That turned out to be true when I saw this red lightning in The Venetian. A Tesla Model S and it really looked futuristic both inside and out. Turns out they were displaying the car here to entice people to buy it. As seen in some of the pictures, there are a lot of millionaires in Macau.


Today’s mystery car goes to this “Tour Machine”. I think it is some car from the 1920s. This car is also a wedding car apparently because moments after a bride and her groom got out of the car for a photoshoot.


This is a Chrysler 300C limousine for Pacha Macau, a club located at Studio City Macau. Borgeous was about to play that weekend but I came into Macau just for the sights only.

Here are a yellow Hyundai Veloster and a red Smart car seen at a pedestrian crossing in between Studio City and The Parisian.


A Mazda 121 sedan. A little bubble 4-door car that looks quirky and so early-90s chic.


Jaguar bringing that sexy back. An F-Type Roadster. A V8 model at that. The area near Cotai Strip had roadworks along the road because a monorail system or some light rail transit is in the works.


Back to Rua do Cunha and here is where old design meets new. A Suzuki Solio and a Mitsubishi L300 Van.


Further down the road, a pair of Audis. A grey A6…


And a blue RS5. Here is a closer look on that RS5.


Right here we have a 1980s Suzuki Carry van. It looks so small but then again in these narrow streets, it looks more in place compared to the Audis.


Night quickly descends in Macau. I took this picture of a Mazda Demio at right before 7pm.


After dinner at this excellent Portuguese restaurant at Rua do Cunha, I spotted this white Peugeot RCZ on our way back to the hotel. Macau at night is relatively safe.


Day 4 and is time to fly back home to Kuala Lumpur. We took a taxi to the airport. It was a Toyota Avensis and it was manual. On the way to the airport I spotted this at a junkyard, a silver Toyota Corolla on a junker. What a weird way to end the trip!


Finally, one more picture before we head back, a Bentley Mulsanne. Macau was nice but there really is nothing much to see and the island is very small. It is an interesting place to spot for cars with a combination of luxury vehicles and JDM cars in one place. It is no Monaco but you can see fascinating cars around the island.


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