The Grand Tour Episode 3 Review

On this week’s episode of The Grand Tour, titled “Opera, Art, and Donuts”, the three biys go on a literal grand tour around some of the beautiful ancient cities of Italy which are Verona, Modena, Florence, and ending at Venice. Also, the demolition of Clarkson’s home after he said that he would allow May and Hammond to destroy his house if his McLaren P1 lose to the Porsche 918 and Ferrari LaFerrari which eventually Clarkson had to eat up his words and kept that promise when the P1 ended being dead last.


For starters, let’s begin with the main film of the episode, and from the trailer which aired a few days before the episode was shown, it looks like this episode is a visual apology to fans for last week’s episode which accomplish nothing other than comedy (but the Vulcan review is not THAT bad). Sure enough, this episode brings back the good old days of Top Gear going on a road trip with three of their choice of cars.

I remember the supercar challenge to discover the greatest road in the world and the journey to the highest suspension bridge in Europe as Top Gear’s best feature. They were honest, and speaks about how beautiful these cars were but at the same time how much of a hassle it is to drive one. The Italian Grand Tour though does feel a little bit like those episodes but they were not all that perfect.


Their choice of cars though were spectacular. Clarkson chose the brown sunset orange Aston Martin DB11, May chose the Rolls Royce Dawn, and Hammond being the brash little Yorkshire terrier  American chose the Dodge Challenger Hellcat. The latter proved to be an annoyance to both Clarkson and May who eventually developed a twitch every time he hears it pass by.


Remove the comedic elements and you actually have something reminiscent of an old Top Gear episode. The boys gave their thoughts on the cars they selected and the part where Clarkson and Hammond duke it out at the Mugello Circuit to see which is faster makes me forgive them for last week’s bad seed. Then, there are the jokes which feels forced this time around. The point of this feature is to enjoy a grand tour just like back in the old days where European travelers travel around and Hammond’s portrayal of a yokel who cares little about the culture kinda describes most tourists today, especially millennials.


At least today’s episode is a big improvement over the last one and in my opinion, it’s the best episode so far this season. I particularly love Conversation Street (there’s an Easter egg in the montage) and this week shows them discussing about cars again albeit with a joke about Whitby’s jets at the beginning.


This week, there’s no car lap times at the Eboladrome, which also means one less shouty American to deal with. Anyway, if Mike Skinner hears about the way Clarkson and May describe the Hellcat, he’s gonna be raging throughout the whole lap. Instead, we have a demolition. Though it is just a singular house and there are only two of the hosts, it does remind me of the demolition challenge in Top Gear a few years ago but this segment is purely comedic and nothing more. Also, it is probably to show Amazon’s large budget for the series.


Episode 3 in the end shows the transition that The Grand Tour aims to do; an entertainment car show with bits of factual information and a slightly more comedic feel. At least this week they show the true meaning behind the name of the show. And made me optimistic about the next few episodes.


  • No Mike Skinner
  • Conversation Street
  • Elements of a grand tour with them giving car reviews
  • The sound edits when the Hellcat and DB11 faced off


  • Forced comedic elements
  • Demolition segment is an excuse for filler
  • Celebrity Brain Crash. We get it, you guys want to give a middle finger to the BBC for not allowing celebrity interviews, but the joke is getting tired.

OVERALL: 3.82/5


Episode 1 – The Holy Trinity: 3.15/5

Episode 2 – Operation Desert Stumble: 1.78/5

Episode 3 – Opera, Art, and Donuts: 3.82/5





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